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Welcome to the Heart of Innovation and Growth.

Discover what it’s like to work in an future-driven environment at DeepUp


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Work hard,
play hard.

Creative Workshops

At DeepUp, we value the art of conversation, the power of ideas, and the ability to shape the future together. We firmly believe that the most ingenious solutions emerge from vibrant discussions and the collaborative brainstorming of our diverse and passionated teams.


While we’re dedicated to hard work and innovation, we also know how to have a good time. Our close-knit community, bridging management and the team, fosters a unique atmosphere of cooperation and camaraderie. Our close-knit relationship between management and the team creates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere where we work hard and have fun together.

Lunch break with a difference

Who says that the lunch break has to be boring? It’s our time to break away from the routine, recharge with a dose of action and soak in some fresh air!

Paw power in our office

Our four-legged friends are full-fledged team members! At DeepUp, teamwork isn’t limited to our two-legged friends – we extend a warm welcome to our four-legged companions as well!


What is it Like to Work With Us?

Working at DeepUp is not only about doing my own stuff. I get the chance to dig into new technologies and different domains. I learn a lot from my colleagues. I am part of an interdisciplinary team work culture. All rounded off by having lunch together in the office!
Logistics in a software company? Just one of the many examples of the different topics and interests that are combined at DeepUp. DeepUp offers the opportunity to apply and develop my skills and interests in an exciting and innovative environment. Combined with flexible working hours, a comfortable office and legendary DeepUp events, DeepUp is a company with room for development and a lot of fun in the daily doing!
Working at DeepUp is great, the team is so friendly and open to new ideas, everyone really has an opportunity to give their input. In my lead role, it is very fulfilling to play a small part in the development of colleagues. The flexibility offered allows for a great work life balance, and the events in the office are always worth the journey!
CaitlinCustomer Operations
Job portal

Open Positions.

You can find our open positions below. Is there the right job for you? Then we look forward to receiving your application! If you think you could support our team in other areas, unsolicited applications are also welcome.

Employee - GIS quality assurance (all gender)

Festangestellte (Operations) • full-time

Unsolicited application(all gender)

Bonn und/oder Remote
Initiativbewerbung • full-or-part-time

State-of-the-art tech stack for the most modern solution.


Flexible Way Of

We offer the flexibility of remote work to all our employees. Our work culture ensures that everyone sees themselves as part of the team and participates in DeepUp life, no matter where they are located. We use various communication tools to stay connected, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. Our remote work policy allows our team members to achieve an individual work-life balance, and it enables us to attract and retain top talent from all over Germany.


Why You Should Work at DeepUp.

Agile work
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Peer-to-peer learning
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Cooperative culture
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Modern equipment
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Hybrid or fully remote
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Flexible working hours
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30 days vacation
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One-time onboarding
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Our Recruiting Process

We liked your application.

Ready for our first exchange?

Here you will meet your contact person in the entire recruiting process from the People & Culture team. Together we will explore the world of DeepUp and learn more about your unique story and ambitions. In about 45 minutes, we will get to know each other and focus on your potential and our culture.

Yay, you made a strong impression!

Ready to dive deeper?

In our second interview, you’ll meet two of our expert team members who not only bring expertise to the table, but also recognize the perfect team fit. In a 90-minute session, we’ll dive in together – we want to learn more about your expertise while giving you a real-world impression of how we work together and the position. So a mutual exchange of knowledge – let’s dive deep.

Almost there.

Welcome to the Final Step!

Your personality and talent have convinced us up to this point – now comes our final stage, which brings together the Cultural Fit and Professional Fit. Here we focus on the big picture and how you can best contribute to our company. During this 60-minute interview, you will meet one of our leaders. Look forward to a final exchange that may herald the start of your exciting DeepUp journey.

Your Line to Us.
Anna AhrensPeople & Culture Manager

“DeepUp is not an ordinary workplace for me, but an inspiring place. The variety of tasks and the open team culture make every day exciting. Thanks to DeepUp, I can not only flourish in my role as a recruiter, but also fully develop my various interests and strengths – this enriches my work immensely!”

Jennifer SchönherrSenior People & Culture Manager

“It’s great that we at DeepUp can actively shape the company’s development and celebrate our success together. Our flexible way of working opens doors to endless possibilities because it allows us to react spontaneously and creatively to any situation. This makes our work exciting and varied every day.”

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