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Trust the Technology that Drives Success Stories.

Discover our product, which includes our unique 3D scanner and advanced technology bundle: DeepScan, DeepGrid, and DeepView. Together, they create a powerful tool for documenting and monitoring your network expansion project.


  • User-Friendly & Intuitive: Easy on-site use, no expertise required
  • Satellite-Based Precision: High-accuracy with integrated antennas
  • Adaptable for various installation methods
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  • Accurate Scanning Software: Precision and georeferencing
  • Categorization & Annotation: Efficient project management
  • Customer Portal Upload: Automated data transfer


Product Part 1

How does it work?

Capture Precision with Ease: Our advanced satellite-based scanner works in perfect coordination with our software to capture network installations on your construction site. The scanned on-site data is swiftly transmitted to our customer portal. You gain near-real-time access to raw data, automatically generated data products, and a robust suite.

Unleash Data Potential with Web Applications: DeepScan isn’t just about capturing data; it’s about unlocking its true potential. One standout feature is the precise 3D mapping of your installations, providing you with accurate scans and photos of your construction site. Our technology allows users to digitally visualize their underground network expansion – during and after construction.

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Product Part 2

How does it work?

DeepGrid offers the ultimate data documentation solution. Through daily updates, we process your captured information, providing you with a partially automated, quality-assured As-Built network representation. Experience your network in unprecedented detail with DeepGrid’s interactive web application. Visualize your underground infrastructure, delve into its intricacies, and make informed decisions through a user-friendly interface designed for clarity and ease of use.


Product Part 3

How does it work?

By employing augmented reality to make networks visible and easily retraceable DeepUp unlocks new possibilities and dimensions in the construction and maintenance of infrastructure. With the help of our AR-based technology, underground infrastructure can be brought/emerged back into view.

The result is a more efficient and cost-effective approach to network management, saving time and resources while enhancing overall operational efficiency.

What's new

Discover The New Features.

Depth and Width Measurement

Measure your excavation pit digitally, even after the trench has been closed. With our software feature, you can easily select the desired area and use our digital tools to measure the exact depth and width of the laid installations. 


Experience effortless organization and in-depth exploration of your digital construction information. Benefit from advanced details such as recording date, category, device information, quality rating, and geolocation, adding a rich layer of insight to your captured data. 

Export Options

Unlock your network data effortlessly with our Web Feature Service (WFS) API, guaranteeing seamless integration and instant access. Moreover, benefit from routine exports in preferred formats, whether GeoPackage or Shape File, for a continuous supply of essential information tailored to your needs. 

Frequently asked Questions.

How can I get more information about DeepUp’s products?

You can contact us through our website or reach out to us directly via email or phone. Our team is ready to answer your questions and provide you with more information about our products.

What exactly does the payment model for your product look like?

Our exclusive handheld 3D scanner is available for a monthly rental fee. You ave the flexibility to select from various minimum terms to customize the rental to your company’s specific needs. Both DeepScan and DeepGrid can be purchased together as a bundle in a Pay-Per-Use arrangement. The price is dependent on the distance of the scanned route at your construction site. You get unrestricted access to our Costumer Portal, allowing you to view data digitally from any location, on any device. In addition, you can effortlessly and seamlessly integrate data with your GIS systems via export or APIs.

Does DeepUp offer training for using its products?

Yes, DeepUp does offer training for using its products. We provide on-site training for construction crews to ensure they can effectively handle our devices. Additionally, we offer a personal contact person within our technical support team to assist with any questions or issues that may arise. Furthermore, we guarantee an immediate and free exchange of malfunctioning or broken devices to minimize disruptions in your construction project.

How is the DeepUp scanner delivered?

The DeepUp scanner is delivered as a comprehensive package. It includes the scanner itself, along with a charger and a power bank, all neatly packed in a portable device case. Additionally, it comes with a Multi-SIM card and a Data Flatrate, ensuring that you have the necessary connectivity and data access to use the scanner effectively.

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